This agreement gives terms and conditions under which Cranfield Aviation Training School Limited (hereafter "CTSL") agrees to provide training to persons who complete an Application Form with CTSL or a authorised representative of CTSL.

This agreement covers all training courses undertaken with CTSL.


1.1 CTSL retains the copyright on all materials (including all text and graphics). No reproduction or distribution of any kind without prior permission of CTSL is permitted.

1.2 No use of automated software or any other mechanism (manual or automated) to circumvent the security or 'live' online delivery nature of CTSL services is permitted.

1.3 User credentials such as user names and passwords may not be shared by any individual. If a user suspects their credentials have been shared or compromised in any way, they must inform CTSL immediately.

1.4 Compromises of any copyright or security nature as described in this section may result in the termination of all services provided by CTSL, irrespective of any agreement by an individual or business to lease access to any CTSL service or any payment made for such a service. Such termination would be at the sole discretion of CTSL.


2.1 CTSL will use 'cookies' to store and track important usage information regarding users of the CTSL websites.

2.2 CTSL will use a 'cookie' to track a user's login session with CTSL websites. This is obligatory for operating a reliable and flexible login system.

2.3 CTSL may use a 'cookie' to track a user's connection with CTSL partners. This is necessary to maintain a seamless user experience.

2.4 CTSL will use a 'cookie' to track a user's habits and use of some CTSL websites. This is important for creating websites which suit user needs.

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